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"I can't say enough about your system.  The skates worked great.  With one remodel completed we are moving the system to our next project."

G. Polston

Ozark Automotive Distributors

"I think that they are a great method to moving pallet rack. A huge time saver! We could not have pulled off the amount of  pallet rack we had to move without them in this remodel."

S. Carpenter

White Rhino Constrution


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Pallet Rack Moving System -

moving pallet rack

 Now you can lift your pallet rack up, put it on wheels (skates) and move it to its new location with minimal product displacement.  Pallet rack relocation projects have been to expensive and time consuming until the development of pallet rack moving systems.

Relocating, remodeling, or moving pallet rack?  Many companies have determined that "going up" (taller pallet rack or narrow aisle picking systems) rather than "Moving out" (moving to new facility) is more cost effective.  Pallet rack and/or other storage systems are still less expensive compared to new square footage.  Imagine a pallet rack accessory that would allow you to move the pallet rack without  unloading, tear down, assembly, or re-stocking of the system. Pallet rack moving systems will help reduce costs in the relocation of pallet rack in a warehouse or distribution center or converting to a narrow aisle system.  Costs are reduced due to:

  • minimal product displacement
  • no disassembly of pallet rack
  • labor costs reduced by 2/3rds for the relocation
  • facility down-time is minimized

If you are going to move pallet rack, it makes sense to consider using our pallet rack moving system.  Many facilities move pallet rack more than once of its operational life-time.  In most cases, our system will pay for itself on mid-size pallet rack moves.

Column Protectors

Protect-It column protectors protect pallet rack columns and offer exceptional performance and value, with high visibility and low replacement costs.  

Pallet Rack

The PR Skate, LLC sells pallet rack that will meet the requirements for both small and large storage needs for distribution hubs and warehouses.  Our pallet rack is designed and engineered to meet a select set of quality standards that assure the user optimum storage efficiency, easy loading and retrieval, safety, and performance.

Pallet Rack Installation: offers installation services for all material handling storage systems.   Installing pallet rack, cantilever, mezzanines, push back rack, drive-in and drive through rack, and other storage systems, the PR Skate, LLC strives to develop new and cost effective ways to install pallet rack and other material handling storage systems.



Save time in your next pallet rack relocation project.  Move your pallet rack with our pallet rack moving system.

 Make your facility more efficient with minimal down time.

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